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What is Suku?

Suku is a platform for user-friendly tools, designed for everyday users and creators to make the most of Web3 opportunities —without the complexities or the need for technical knowledge.

Suku's Mission

Suku stands for a world where everyone can enjoy the advantages of Web3 without the complexity that has traditionally been associated with it. The belief is that Web3 has the power to improve the way we interact with each other and the world around us. That is why Suku's mission is to empower every internet user to become a Web3 user by creating simple and intuitive tools that unlock the full potential of Web3 across all aspects of life.

The Suku Approach

While most web3 companies focus on creating new decentralized solutions for the crypto niche (around 350 million users), Suku takes a different approach. Suku's roadmap revolves around building decentralized solutions that are user-friendly and accessible to approximately 5 billion internet users worldwide.
At its core, the belief of Suku is that the success of Web3 hinges on meeting users where they already are rather than pushing users to come to it. The mindset is focused on bringing the benefits of Web3 directly to the people, emphasizing the advantages, accessibility, and user-friendliness of the technology, particularly during the onboarding stages.
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In the next section, you'll discover the magic ingredient behind all of Suku's tools, the Suku Protocol.
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