Welcome to the Suku Wiki. Here you'll find everything you need to navigate the world of Suku like a pro.
At Suku, we develop easy-to-use tools so users can enjoy the full potential of web3 without the need for complex onboarding or technical knowledge.
We envision a world in which people can finally own and manage what’s theirs: financial assets, data, relationships, interactions, and privacy, in an intuitive way. We see Blockchain technology as the technical infrastructure that makes all this possible and Suku as the architect that builds roads, bridges, and signs for everyone to drive easily and safely without even having to worry.
While everyone has been busy building decentralized solutions for the crypto niche - an estimated 420 million users, Suku has been busy building decentralized solutions for every internet user around the globe—an estimated 5160 million users.
Thanks for browsing our wiki, which will take you through our tools and resources. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us on our Discord to speak with our community, development, and partnership teams.
Keep it real The contents of these pages are a collection of the latest development updates and are never considered final.
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