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How can I mint a Tweet?

Tag @Sukuthis in a tweet or reply to mint it as an NFT. Shortly after, @Sukuthis will reply to that tweet with a link to preview the NFT in OpenSea and instructions on collecting it.

Who's the owner of the minted tweets?

@Sukuthis will always assign ownership of the NFT to ‘the creator’ of the original tweet and record ‘the minter’ in the NFT’s metadata.

What's the difference between a minter and a creator?

The minter is the user who triggers the minting of a tweet by tagging @Sukuthis. The creator is the owner of the tweet, who gets ownership of the minted tweet. Sometimes, the minter and creator will be the same user, for instance, when a user tweets tagging @Sukuthis. In other cases, the minter can be a different user than the creator, for instance, when @Sukuthis is tagged in a reply.

How can I visualize my collected NFTs?

​Install the Suku Wallet, log in with your Twitter account, and find your collectibles.

How can I trade my mints?

​Install the Suku Wallet, log in with your Twitter username, and connect to OpenSea to buy and sell your collectibles.