Suku Wallet

The Web3 wallet for social media.
Suku Wallet revolutionizes the way everyday users engage with Web3. It's a user-friendly crypto wallet that seamlessly integrates with your favorite social platforms, beginning with Twitter. With Suku Wallet, you can send and receive crypto transactions between social media handles, easily manage your NFTs, and more—but without the traditional complex onboarding.
The Suku Wallet is still in beta. Status: Ongoing auditing process. Please use it at your own risk until the official release.

Redefining Crypto Wallets

Suku Wallet changes the game by eliminating some of the biggest hurdles to mainstream adoption of Web3:
  1. 1.
    The complex onboarding process. A social login replaces it.
  2. 2.
    The clunky and hard-to-remember alphanumeric crypto addresses Social @handles replace these.
  3. 3.
    The need to have a wallet in the first place. Any Twitter user can receive digital assets directly, eliminating the requirement for an additional wallet.
  4. 4.
    The need for gas. More soon.

The Best of Web2 and Web3

Suku Wallet seamlessly merges the best of both worlds by utilizing familiar web2 platforms to onboard users into the crypto world without compromising decentralization or security. Using cutting-edge technologies, Suku Wallet aims to deliver an unprecedented user-friendly experience and Web3 security.

Suku Wallet 101

Below are the essentials of the Suku Wallet, but feel free to delve into further details regarding features, security, getting started, and more in the subsequent sections.
The Mission
Setting up a Web3 wallet can often be overwhelming with its unfamiliar concepts and complex protocols. However, Suku Wallet is here to change that. We aim to make Web3 accessible to everyone, especially beginners, by simplifying the process and providing user-friendly tools. We're breaking down the complexities and lowering barriers, making Web3 easy and approachable.
How is the Suku Wallet different?
Suku Wallet provides the most straightforward experience for every internet user, regardless of their level or experience with crypto, to discover the wide range of possibilities offered by Web3. Whether it's making payments, using DApps (decentralized applications), trading, collecting NFTs, or diving into gaming, Suku Wallet has you covered.
By eliminating the intricate onboarding process, simplifying crypto addresses, improving the UX, and, most importantly, allowing any social media user to receive digital assets even without having created a wallet yet. Suku Wallet makes Web3 truly accessible to everyone!
You read right. With Suku Wallet, you can send crypto to any Twitter handle, regardless of whether the recipient has ever used crypto!
If you have a social media account, you already have a wallet. Simply log in and start sending and receiving crypto.
Two Mediums to Choose From
Suku Wallet comes in two mediums.
  • Browser Extension
  • Online Web App
Tech & Security
Coming Soon.
The Suku Wallet is still in beta. Status: Ongoing auditing process. Please use it at your own risk until the official release.