Getting Started

Discover how to start using your Suku Wallet.

Two mediums to choose from

Experience the versatility of the Suku Wallet in two distinct flavors:
  • Browser Extension: Suku Wallet's extension seamlessly integrates with numerous browsers, enabling quick access to your wallet in a few clicks. Send and receive crypto, collect and manage NFTs, connect to web3 DApps, and much more — all accessed and secured with a convenient social login. Ready to get started? Click here.
  • Web App: Enjoy the freedom to manage your crypto assets anytime, anywhere, on any device. No setups or installations are needed, just log in with your social account. Simplify your crypto journey. Eager to dive in? Get Started.

How to Install the Browser Extension

1. Visit the Suku Wallet's install page (Chrome Web Store):
2. Click on "Add to Chrome" (top right corner).
3. Once the extension is added, go to the upper right of the browser to open it:
Use the Suku Wallet extension in your favorite browsers—Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera.
4. Just click on the extension and log in with your Twitter account:
5. You are ready to go!

Logging into your Suku Web App

2. Login with your social account
3. You're ready to go!
The Suku Wallet is still in beta. Status: Ongoing auditing process. Please use it at your own risk until the official release.