Main Features

Discover the features that make the Suku Wallet stand out and your crypto experience simply better.

Social Media Login

Zero Onboarding. Full ownership.
No more complex onboarding and seed phrases. With Suku Wallet, accessing your crypto wallet is as easy as logging in with your social media account (starting with Twitter). You can enjoy the convenience of using Web3 without sacrificing control over your assets. Because for Web3 to be broadly adopted, accessing your crypto wallet should be as effortless as logging into your day-to-day apps.

@Handle Addresses

No more sending to 0x9901dg7674s791q4338g76...Instead, send to @TooEasy.
Say goodbye to alphanumeric crypto addresses. The Suku Wallet allows users to send and receive crypto assets using just their Twitter @handle (and also 0x addresses too). This feature enhances usability, eliminates the need to request addresses, take note of them, and minimizes the risk of transaction errors.
Just remember that your Twitter @handle is your wallet, so if you change it, your funds will still be associated with your previous @handle.


Even to those without a wallet.
With Suku Wallet, you can easily send crypto assets to any social media account, even if they don't have a web3 wallet yet. Just send the assets to the recipient's Twitter @handle, and Suku's protocol handles the rest. The recipient can validate their wallet ownership by logging into the Suku Wallet with their Twitter account. It's a seamless and hassle-free way to send crypto to anyone. Learn more about how this works.

Smart Multi-chain

Use the blockchain that best fits your needs—without the hassle of switching between them.
Are you still switching between chains manually? Suku Wallet allows you to use multiple chains simultaneously, including Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain, without the need to switch between them. This feature enables you to effortlessly engage with a myriad of DApps and manage a wide range of cryptocurrencies with ease.

Multi-factor Authentication

Double the safety, assured by MFA.
The multi-factor authentication (aka 2FA) fortifies your wallet's safety, combining passwords and time-sensitive codes to ensure only you have access and control over your assets. You can easily turn it on or off from your wallet security settings.

Mint, Collect, and Enjoy NFTs

NFTs have never looked better.
Your Suku Wallet makes it super easy for your to mint, view, manage, and trade your digital collectibles. By using it with Sukuthis, you can mint NFTs and tweets straight from Twitter and easily collect and manage them in your Suku Wallet.

Connect to Leading Web3 Apps

The Web3 is your oyster.
Suku Wallet connects seamlessly to Web3 apps using the trusted WalletConnect technology. This reliable communication protocol ensures a secure and seamless interaction with the best Web3 applications.
The Suku Wallet is still in beta. Status: Ongoing auditing process. Please use it at your own risk until the official release.
Last modified 25d ago