🪄Suku's Protocol

Suku wants to give every internet user a Web3 wallet by default.

Onboarding has always been a big challenge for Web3. Tasks such as storing private keys, keeping secrets, and managing backups are not something that users are particularly good at. Now, imagine a world where every internet user inherently possesses a Web3 wallet. One where billions of users can make crypto payments and donations, receive airdrops, list, and bid for digital collectibles, or explore decentralized apps effortlessly—without the need to install applications, go through complex onboarding, or become crypto experts.

That's the vision behind Suku's protocol ✨

An Overview

Suku's protocol is designed to provide every internet user with a fully functional Web3 wallet almost by default. Today, anyone with a social media account, starting with Twitter, can simply log in to their Suku Wallet and fully dive into the decentralized world. No complex setups. No activation. No onboarding. No seed phrases. Log in to your Suku Wallet now >

How it Works

Coming soon.

Got a Twitter @handle? You're ready for Web3. Next up, discover the main product leveraging Suku's protocol—Suku Wallet.

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