Mint, collect, and trade NFTs—straight from Twitter.
@Sukuthis (in beta) is a Twitter bot that enhances Suku's web3 tools on social media. When mentioned in a new post or reply, it provides various functionalities based on the hashtags or Twitter handles used.

Current funcionalities

Mint NFT drops Minting NFTs, such as open editions, traditionally required multiple platforms and steps. Sukuthis allows any Twitter user to mint NFT drops straight from Twitter with a simple tweet—even those without a crypto wallet.
Mint token drops Sukuthis makes it easy to distribute and collect tokens straight on Twitter by simply tagging @Sukuthis on a tweet or reply. Any Twitter user can claim tokens—even those without a web3 wallet.
Turn tweets into NFTs Some tweets deserve to be remembered. Mint any tweet as NFTs by tagging @Sukuthis in a new post or reply. The creator of the original tweet will own it, and the minter will get recorded in the NFT’s metadata. Check out the Sukuthis collection >
Collect and trade NFTs: Your Suku Wallet will automatically collect your minted NFTs and tweets, allowing you to manage and even trade them in NFT marketplaces at little or no cost.
More functionalities are in the works. Stay tuned!
Last modified 7mo ago